Accepting the Challenge

I believe this title truly encompasses the mantra I will live by for the next year. Although this post is a reply to our CEO’s challenge to post once per day for the next year, I find it tough not to apply the same to the rest of my life. I will accept the challenge in all aspects of my life this year. Embrace the unassumingly small challenges and the tremendously large ones. I will not ask for an easy year, but instead for the strength to endure a challenging year.

I want this year to be one of great success, but that can only come through challenging myself to do more and explore new opportunities. Expose myself to fresh ideas and ingest ones that may be different from my current way of thinking. I admit this will be difficult and will likely lead to failures along the way, but how do you really learn and grow if you never give yourself the chance to push the boundaries? An even brighter future is on the horizon, time to start running towards it.