Our artificial intelligence, Oli, helps you and your patients throughout the recovery process.

Oli Physical Therapy Artificial Intelligence.

At Home Guidance

Oli helps your patients ensure they are doing their homework correctly! Patients simply take out their phone, open the Oli app, and record themselves. The patient is then supplied with objective motion analysis and is alerted if they are performing the exercise incorrectly. 

Oli Physical Therapy Artificial Intelligence.


Fighting the insurance companies isn't your job, getting your patient to a healthy state is. With Oli, you ensure insurance companies make data driven decisions to allow your patient to receive proper treatment.


Oli Physical Therapy Artificial Intelligence.

Communication Redfined

A critical part of the recovery journey is understanding how your patient feels during exercises. Interactive patient diaries and instant feedback tooling allow you to increase or decrease difficulty of the homework programs without waiting for the next visit. The Oli platform empowers patients to always have access to your expertise, whether in the clinic, or at home.