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Introducing Oli, Your Personal Workout Assistant

Oli was created with you in mind, by recognizing patterns and trends, Oli’s artificial intelligence will find problem areas and recommend workouts to help you achieve your goals while maintaining safety, efficiency, and motivation.

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A Better Training Experience

What is Oli?

Oli lives on your 3D enabled smart phone. Simply open the Oli app, record your sessions, and let Oli do the heavy lifting. Oli's computer vision software allows her to capture every fine detail of your movements and alerts you when you're at risk of injury. The best thing about this? In determining if you're at risk of injury, Oli can tell you what you need to do to reach your goals in an effecient manner through Oli's personalized workout suggestor.

Meet the Founders

Alexander G Orozco

Alexander has always been involved in some sort of fitness his entire life, whether it was sports from school or some extracurricular, there has always been some form of fitness in his life. It wasn’t until he was 21 that he discovered his love for the gym. At 22, just before turning 23, he got into powerlifting! He then went on to become a founding officer of the University of Washington powerlifting club, Sydicate of Strength. During the first year of club activity they went to collegiate nationals and performed very well, Alex secured all state level collegiate records in the 163 pound weight class.

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Charlton Smith

Charlton found his passion for fitness when he was around 15, in high school Charlton was involved in tennis, wrestling, and track. After school, he started going to the gym and later started to work there. After working in nearly every department of the gym, Charlton began a career as a personal trainer and spent his time studying intricacies of exercise and nutrition also began powerlifting. In 2015, Charlton went back to school to complete his degree in computer science. During this time, he met Alex who was involved in the school's powerlifting team. Being a former record holder, Charlton came back to the scene and, after a few months of training, set the collegiate bench press record. Charlton made use of his love for health and fitness when he attended a sports themed hackathon where the idea of Oli came to life. Fun Fact: Charlton can hold a handstand for over a minute without any support

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Chris "Viking" DeJarlais

Chris is a recent graduate of the University of Washington Tacoma, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (Finance) and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He has been a dedicated lifter for almost 10 years. While initially focusing on lifting as a tool to put on muscle, for the last 3 years he has been focused on power lifting and compound lifts. Chris has been injured over a dozen times while weightlifting, and almost all his injuries have occurred since he started power lifting. He is currently not able to perform a number of compound lifts, due to a recent injury in his lower back resulting from a mixture of improper form and fatigue.

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June's Featured Athlete

RJ Hizon

Best Lifts: Body Weight of 163 lbs

585 lbs
340 lbs
640 lbs
551 lbs
325 lbs
622 lbs

Record Highlights

33 Records total in open, collegiate, and junior divisions.

American Junior Squat

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